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Show Friday November 21st!!! Yay!  

I'm so excited I can't stand it!! FREEEEEEAKING OUT!! I'm going to be playing at the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival in New Paltz, with my old friend ERIC AYOTTE!!! Yay, yay, yay!!! 
If you have never seen the Gadabout before, then you are in for a treat, and if you have seen it before then you know what I'm sayin'! Curated short films that are quirky, satirical, funny, political, there's a spectrum and they are all interesting and captivating. Eric is the mastermind of the fest, traveling on a shoe string budget, traversing the globe for over a decade with the fest, AAAAAND!!! If that weren't enough, he's also a killer singer/guiarist/songster and he's playing songs TOMORROW NIGHT!! 

So, here's the deal! Michael Truckpile (me!!) is playing too! and I have the great honor and pleasure of having my friend and insanely talented multi-instrumentalist Alan Macaluso sitting in on the hauntingly beautiful pedal steel guitar. It so sounds so good, I can't stand it when we play together!! How can you be that good, Alan!!! UGH!! 

So here's the details, sorry for the late notice, but this whole thing came together like speeding train dream boat flower boa. Wow!!! 

Friday, November 20, 2014 7pm
SUNY New Paltz Campus : SUB 100
-12th Annual Gadabout Film Fest (45 minutes of perfect short films!)
Eric Ayotte w/Charlie Jones
-Michael Truckpile w/Alan Macaluso

From Eric: 
I am so excited that we are bringing the Gadabout back home to SUNY New Paltz!!! We started The Gadabout Film Fest in 2002, and had our first ever screening in a lectures hall on campus. Now, 12 years later, over 200 cities and 10 countries later we are bringing the Gadabout back to SUNY. We are also super excited that Michael Truckpile (who toured with the Gadabout in 2004) will be playing as well Eric Ayotte!! A real treat of an evening with film and music.

Eric Ayotte has been touring and releasing music for over a decade. His sincere songs bring a political message as well as an emotional truth. This tour will be supporting his 4th full length record “Transparency”, a full band album that explores the concept of honesty, and wanting more open communication from his community, government, friends, religions, and himself.

The Gadabout Film Festival has had a long standing tradition of DIY ethics matched with really cool filmmaking. Since 2002, the Gadabout has been touring with a new batch of films each year, brining film to non-film settings, screening an extremely inspiring and talented program of short films. Growing out of a DIY music scene, the Gadabout seeks to prove that “Do It Yourself” doesn’t have to mean any lack of quality. With equipment and technology more accessible, filmmaking is a more attainable medium, and yet we typically consume it through very tiny screens with poor audio. So, not only is there a curated element, but there is also respect given to these fantastic short films as they are presented on a big screen with good sound!


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